CSITA (Centro Servizi Informatici e Telematici di Ateneo) is a department of the University of Genoa that supplies general ICT services for the University of Genoa.

CSITA activities covers the following areas:

  • database and computing services for scientific and academic applications;
  • planning, development and maintenance of the applications and programs specific for the administrative department;
  • planning, development and maintenance of the entire metropolitan computer and telephone network (GENUAnet) used by the University connected to the Italian academic and research network (GARR);
  • coordination of computer network activities for scientific and educational departments of the University of Genoa;
  • training of the University staff on the use of computer systems and networks;
  • documentation and study activity related to computer equipment;
  • establishment of relationship with other Italian and foreign agencies operating in the field of information technology services.

University of Genoa counts 11 faculties, 44 research departments, 1,433 teaching and research staff member and over 34,000 students.